Deal the cards, Dick.

He worked as an interrogator at Guantanamo.

On their way back home, Jacques suggested that they stop and get something to eat.

I'd get it dry-cleaned if I were you.

My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.

Kevyn can imitate that singer perfectly.

Adolescence is often a period of insecurity.

You'll let me know, won't you?

How does Cris manage to stay so slim?

This medicine is not a poison in itself.

I knew Rolf would get better.

The old man lived in the three-room apartment.


Roberto may have to cancel the party.


Uri has a wife and three kids.

The weather was perfect yesterday.

It seemed personal.

You'd better set off at once.

Please wait ten seconds.

People are afraid of war.

Don't hurry, we have the whole afternoon to shop.

It's completely crowded in there.

I think Jesse is too young to be dating.

The situation has got us all on alert.

Did you say Konstantinos was going to be late?

Sometimes I make mistakes.

Nici said he was going to be late.


You helped her, didn't you?

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It snowed a lot last year.


Her eyes shone with joy when she saw that her mother was not mad at her.

Thank you for giving me this.

You can tell them.

Did I hear you correctly? Are you saying you disagree?

Miriam works as hard as any boy in the class.

What I want is to go home.

Doug stood in front of department store, waiting for it to open.

Something very unusual seems to be happening in the park.

The baby opened his mouth.

He died of honorable dysentery.

If your coffee is too strong, add some sugar.


Tell her that everyone is here.


I am happy with my girlfriend.


We will go on a picnic if it is fine tomorrow.

He has not seen much of the world.

I thought you were in prison.

I said I'd look after Donne.

I'm always in harmony with myself.

A banker's life is difficult.

I never see her without wanting to kiss her.


I almost forgot to do that.

In autumn some animals store food for the winter.

Can you repeat what you said?

We can build speakers to order.

Impudent strumpet!

I bought a lot of things.

We've got no brakes!

I allowed Vidhyanath to kiss me.

Can Pat drive himself home?

Everyone watched Geoff carefully.

Is it made of iron?

He will have no chance of winning her heart.

He tried his best, but in the end he was defeated.


That must be heavy.


He has a fair skin and hair.

Emmett made us some coffee.

The teacher grades easily.


Priests receive health insurance.

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Miriam knew Spy was with John.

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The water was still slowly leaking out.

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There is silence.

Return Native Americans their ancestral lands.

You should set off as soon as possible.

I gave Kinch no choice.

It's great to see you're having so much fun.

Shyam used to talk to me about what he did at work.

We are making some updates to the site. We'll be back soon, thanks for your patience.

I'll take him there myself.

Jill invited Blaine to a party he was hosting.

Can I scrounge a fag?

She's a law-abiding citizen.

Do you like these songs?

I wish Timo would stop smoking.

You're too good to me.

I speak from experience.


I'll be sure to tell her.


I really love my work.


Before working here, Old was a police officer for thirteen years.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

I'm positive it was Winston I saw at the park.

After the princess had her fill of wild berries, she fell into a deep sleep.

I always find myself comforting people with the words I want to hear.

I'm trying not to get emotional.

If Vice starts laughing, I probably will, too.

I got stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway.

I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy.


You're taller than I expected.

Marie just can't stop crying.

Little remains to be done.

Red wine is beneficial, its secret lies in dosing.

I don't know where the treasure was hidden.

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I should've finished that sooner.

This is the last time I'll ask you to do anything for me.

Her red dress distinguished her.

Dory goes to Boston at least once a month.

Sedovic took three sleeping pills.

You should rest after exercise.

Where can I cash this personal check?


You ought to be ashamed.

Let's put up the tent while it is still light.

It'll probably rain this afternoon.

Wilmer went down to the basement and shut the power.

Leave the past behind and take care of the present.

Rebecca says that's my biggest fault.

Today is a cloudy day.

Can you give us a hand over here?

For the first time, he stood to take a real interest in his studies.

Sunlight pours into the room through the window.

She said so with a smile.


She rummaged in her capacious handbag.

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Nobody is attracted by my country.

I have to see them.

Let me get my wind.

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I'd like to talk to him alone.

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Yaroslav likes New Zealand, a big country with a small population.

Tell Brett to come see me.

It's an in-joke.

There's no sense in doing that.

We have our differences.

My heavens, what an enormous box!

Celia knows how to manage a company.

I was kidding.

Rabin, I have missed you so much!

Hector's uncommonly brash and outspoken today. He's usually deathly quiet.

We didn't manage to convince him.

I went to the zoo.

I'll never forgive him.

They nodded to each other.

I'm all set to start.

Only God can help you now.

Why are things different now?

An awning broke his fall and saved his life.

Tomorrow is another day.

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There are other people waiting.


It's just the right thing to do.

Is it nearby?

I am ready to help you.

The friend whom I invited never showed up.

Everything seemed perfect.

It is possible to determine a rock's age thanks to radioactive elements.

Wouldn't it be great if Graeme won?


Take your elbows off the table.


My house is near her house.

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Tell Rex to get in here.

I would like to place particular emphasis on this point.

Elias is too stubborn to apologize.


Nothing's happened yet, but I'm sure it will.


Every government office seems to have problems in expediting matters without entanglement in its red tape system.

What in the world do you think you're doing?

Can Edinburgh show us the way towards healthier cities?

We did what we wanted to.

It's a crime against nature.

Thank you for your referral.

"We must go and fetch fire," said the first. "The only house near is a hut in the forest, where a Baba Yaga lives. One of us must go and borrow fire from her."


She looked around, but saw nothing.

I don't believe a word Butler says.

In the United States, 20 million new jobs have been created during the past two decades, most of them in the service sector.

Rajesh must've worked very hard.

Lance represented her team in the competition.